Financial Control/Bookkeeping

WRS offers complete transaction processing and general ledger reconciliation with the ability to check your finances anytime, anywhere. Let our experts help track and optimize your practice financial performance.

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Financial Control and Bookkeeping Services

The Business Case


Many practices are unknowingly leaving money on the table; or worse, money is being siphoned from the practice in plain sight. Despite the best efforts of you and your staff, there are often interruptions between the front desk and your bank deposits. Do you know if you are being paid for all services performed? Are you being paid correctly? Is all money collected, making it to the bank? Shouldn’t you be paid directly and fully for the services you perform?


That’s where we come in…

Financial Control/Bookkeeping

The Process

While you focus on your patients, WRS Health’s experts focus on your bottom line, making sure you’re getting every penny of the revenue that you earn. Our integrated platform enables real time billing and accounting reconciliation and gives you the ability to check your finances anytime, anywhere. Our financial experts create and monitor financial controls customized to your practice, optimizing your financial performance and making sure no errors are made. We help ensure that money is correctly collected and then correctly reconciled between the WRS Platform, general ledger and your bank.


We look at profit and loss line-items, balance sheet assets and liabilities and cash-flow. From there, we develop a financial plan for the practice based on your goals.


At WRS Health, we understand that not everyone is an expert financial planner, but we also know that every practice could benefit from one. Our financial experts add logic to the numbers, identifying trends, defining your most profitable areas and assisting you in creating operational goals for your practice.


When it comes to running a business, your finances are too important for error.

The Value

WRS Heath’s Financial Control and Bookkeeping Services mean real savings for our clients. Our financial experts use a series of internal controls to make sure that all financial tasks are performed with the highest level of accuracy, leaving no room for error. Plus, we build a bridge between your general ledger and your WRS Billing system, creating a seamless transition between them so all of your financials are reconciled in one system. Our experts are also trained to break down your financial reports in a way that is simple and easy to understand, so you can get the information you need without having to work for it.


Accessing the expertise and business processes used by large organizations is not only extremely affordable, but there is usually a 20-30% return on investment demonstrated within the first three months. Based on current expenditures, there is typically an immediate expense reduction. This is a service that most practices shouldn’t do without.

Why You Should Select

WRS Health’s Financial Control and Bookkeeping Solutions:

Check payment postings and banking information at anytime, anywhere Integrated platform enables real time billing and accounting reconciliation Identify trends in data to find room for improvement and pinpoint most profitable areas Benchmark performance to real time standards Internal controls automatically and consistently audit your practice to ensure accuracy