Focus on Medicine, Not Data Entry

Widest Choice of EMR Charting Methods in the Industry

EMR: Easy Charting Options

Practices with providers with different levels of computer skills and comfort, frequently require multiple methods of data entry. WRS Health fast Cloud EMR provides the flexibility to adapt to different workflows and different skill sets of users. This promotes adoption while minimizing practice disruption when starting up with a new health information system.

WRS easy to use EMR software offers a variety of data input methods for quick charting:

• Keyboard • Voice Recognition
• Tablet PC • Dictation
• Templates • Digital Pen – paper-based EMR
One of the most liberating features of electronic charting is access at the point of care to all of the information you need. One of the most constraining features is being hampered by interacting with a computer to chart out the patient encounter. WRS Health eases the charting burden by allowing the widest choice of charting methods – all in one system. Easily and quickly chart the encounter in the way that suits your comfort, your practice and your specialty.