Marketing Integrated With your Workflow

Marketing Shouldn't Be a One Time and Unmanaged Event

Marketing Integration

In a busy practice, marketing can be a burden. Local newspaper ads won't strengthen current patient relationships or attract more than the occasional new patient, but there's no time to put together a marketing plan.

With WRS Health, medical practice marketing is no longer ad hoc. It occurs naturally, as part of your normal workflow, and your practice benefits.

Patient relationships are strengthened.

  • Your patients receive regular communications with high value information from your practice. These include health education relevant to their diagnosis, appointment reminders and health maintenance reminders.
  • Patients value the convenience of requesting Rx refills, viewing lab results and arranging appointments online, through the secure patient portal.
  • You can create your own patient communications or customize standard communications to meet your own goals. Some possibilities include a map and a link to get directions to a new office; information about books or products, along with a link to purchase them; or survey to gauge patient satisfaction.

Potential new patients learn about your practice and your revenues grow.

  • Your EMR solution includes a marketing website to help you attract new patients. The website is customized with your information and is designed to be easily found by patients researching providers online.
  • Your patient portal and integrated Personal Health Record can also help attract patients. Two out of three people have said they would consider switching to a doctor who offers secure online access to personal health information.

Let WRS Health transform marketing from a burden to a practice-building benefit.