Gateway EDI is a WRS Health preferred clearinghouse. Gateway EDI and WRS Health have partnered to bring you a great combined solution for your practice and revenue management needs. Together, we guarantee a reduction in your overall rejection rate and days in A/R by providing unmatched reporting tools and a dedicated support team. Together, we will, quickly and easily manage patients, claims, and payments to increase your revenues significantly.


More than a physician clearinghouse, Gateway EDI offers powerful technology, unique healthcare revenue cycle management tools and industry-leading customer service that improve the speed and accuracy of physician practice management. Long standing relationships with providers, health plans and vendors enable Gateway EDI to make medical claims processing more effectively and affordably. In order to ensure faster account receivable and lower cost for physician practices management, Gateway EDI provides tools to keep medical practice, claims processing and cash flow running smoothly. Its insurance claims management system allows practices to easily process insurance claims and keep medical revenue cycle moving along. Additionally, Gateway EDI’s relationships with medical insurance payers allow us to faster claim processing, with fewer payer rejections with electronic data interchange and remittance. Gateway EDI has built its reputation by accepting responsibility for EDI services and for clients’ needs. Gateway EDI is used as WRS Health’ major medical clearinghouse for most of our clients. Gateway EDI client support is handled by healthcare experts who understand the clients’ daily procedures and challenges.