WRS Health offers MaxEmail technology via integrated incoming and outgoing fax service to hundreds of clients. MaxEmail is a leader in the Internet fax and voice communications industry. It was developed by IGC  a company that provided the technology and technical support needed to run the eFax.com service.

MaxEmail is continually researching and integrating cutting-edge trends and technology to pioneer the next generation of Internet-based fax and voice communications. MaxEmail believes the new products and services that will help businesses more effectively utilize available communications resources and keep in touch with the entire network.

Total package services MaxEmail provides are:

Fax to Email - Receive faxes through the internet as email attachments in PDF or TIF format.

Email to Fax - Send faxes anywhere in the world through the internet using your email client or web interface.

Voicemail to Email - Retrieve your voicemail messages over the phone or as email attachments.

Fax Broadcast - Send a fax document to hundreds of destinations with a single command.