Being an early adopter in the Web-based, SaaS or Cloud computing technologies, WRS Health wanted a partner that provided the most reliable internet service providers.

Net Access Corporation, one of the largest regional ISPs in the States, serving tens of thousands of local and international businesses and customers. The ultra-high-speed network offers stable and reliable Internet services.

With redundant ultra-high speed connections and fiber optic cabling, Net Access provides WRS Health with one of the fastest networks in the U.S. The entire system is managed by dedicated network monitoring systems and specially-trained staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With this combination of superior network and service, Net Access is able to provide reliable, trustworthy service. Transition to web based healthcare technologies requires a high level of expertise in healthcare and computing technology. WRS Health adopts Net Access Virtual Private Servers service as our EMR / EHR IT solution. This service enables us focus on delivering high quality software services to our customers, and helps our team stay organized, communicate internally and externally, and collaborate efficiently and securely.