Make No Mistake, SureScripts Adds Accuracy and Efficiency to WRS Health and E-Prescribing

Surescripts, the nation’s leading e-prescription network recently announced findings from a study linking e-prescribing to a significant increase in first-fill medication adherence. Poor adherence to medication therapy is a large and costly problem in the U.S.

The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 50 percent of patients do not adhere fully to their medication treatment, leading to 125,000 premature deaths and billions in preventable health care costs.

The Surescripts analysis suggests that over the next ten years, the increase in first-fill medication adherence combined with other e-prescribing benefits could lead to between $140 billion and $240 billion in health care savings and improved health outcomes.

Surescripts collaborated with pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers on a study to quantify the benefits of e-prescribing. Reviewers analyzed de-identified data sets representing over 40 million prescription records, comparing electronic prescriptions with paper, phoned and faxed prescriptions to measure the impact on first-fill medication adherence.

The data showed a consistent 10 percent increase in patient first-fill medication adherence (i.e., new prescriptions that were picked up by the patient) among physicians who adopted e-prescribing technology when compared with physicians who did not use e-prescribing. Physicians who adopted e-prescribing used the technology to route up to 40 percent of their prescriptions electronically during the time of the study, and Surescripts estimates that first-fill medication adherence rates will continue to improve as e-prescribing adoption and usage increase.

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) has huge benefits for the overall U.S. healthcare system. While numbers are difficult to come by, the increased use of e-prescribing over the past few years has been responsible for a significant increase in patient compliance and medication safety. WRS Health sat down with David Yakimischak, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer of leading e-prescription network Surescripts to glean what is really behind the magic curtain of e-prescribing and where e-prescribing is headed.

Read the Q & A with David Yakimischak of Surescripts — click on the PDF.