Transworld Systems' medical profit recovery system provides better tools to medical practices for recovering slow paying patient accounts in a diplomatic way that preserves the patient relationship and increases cash flow. For 40 years, Transworld has been providing a success rate triple the industry average, recovering $2.4 billion in the last five years for 60,000+ clients and are proud to be an MGMA AdminiServe Partner for over 10 years. We offer preferred pricing and a seamless interface for WRS Health clients.

Since 1970, Transworld has been providing tools to businesses to improve their cash flow. Its proven system helps companies recover money owed to them, and they recover three times more money than competitors at a fraction of the cost. Transworld's medical profit recovery system features an online client portal that was designed to help businesses of all sizes more effectively manage the medical debt collection process.Transworld effectively collects on overdue medical debt while ensuring that patients feel comfortable returning for medical care after responding due to our diplomatic third party intervention. For unresolved claims, practices receive swifter, more accurate resolution on insurance claims because Transworld reprioritizes accounts and moves them from the clerk's desk into the hands of a supervisor.