Zend is a leading technology company that provides sound technology solutions and expertise around the world. WRS Health EHR technology is based on PHP; the language of choice for building high-end dynamic enterprise web applications. It is used by more than a third of all websites and has been adopted by corporate IT for running business-critical applications.


From development to production, WRS Health uses Zend products to help us increase the maturity of our EHR application lifecycle. This process is accomplished through a combination of popular open source projects, enterprise-grade products.

Through the partnership, WRS Health adopted Zend’s web application server to meet the high-performance needs. To enable affordable scalability and connectivity with other health information systems, the software architects at WRS Health used open source technologies. This has positioned WRS as one of the only web-based solutions with a high performance and adaptable infrastructure that can also be affordably deployed.

Using the advanced application monitoring tools, WRS Health optimized the queries so that none were running slower than 50ms (1/20th of a second). The Zend load-balancing tools enabled a multi-server web server layer that provides quick response to end-users.