Prevent Claim Denial

The Most Powerful Rules Engine Available

Revenue Cycle Management: Prevent Claim Denial - WRS EHR

WRS Health EHR has over 50,000 claims rules powered through our advanced rules engine. Local coverage decision ICD-CPT crosswalk edits and Correct Coding Initiative CPT bundling edits happen automatically. We directly access the CMS database on a quarterly basis to provide you with the most up-to-date rules instantly. We combine this data with real-time form edits to ensure items like insurance card number and demographic data are entered correctly. Our powerful rules engine combines with automated eligibility checking to ensure that you get paid correctly the first time a claim is submitted.

WRS clients have the lowest claim denial rate in the industry. But when a claim is rejected, you immediately see the clearinghouse or insurer denial reason so that rejected claims can be instantly corrected and resubmitted.