Scribe and Transcription

Our physician, nurse or transcriptionist scribes are paired in real-time through our secure, web-enabled platform ready for you when you need an extra hand.

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Scribe and Transcription Services

The Business Case


A physician’s time is valuable. The time you spend on repetitive tasks like charting, sending prescriptions and documenting the review of test results would be better spent concentrating on your patients. By freeing up this time, you are freeing up space in your busy schedule to see more patients, extend the capabilities of your practice and bring in more revenue.


That’s where we come in…

Scribe and Transcription

The Process

First we assign a licensed clinician to act as your scribe. This is usually a registered nurse who has been trained to scribe and use the WRS software platform. WRS Health’s scribes and virtual assistants are trained to meet your needs and free up your time while dramatically improving the efficiency of your medical practice. Our physician-approved process ensures maximum accuracy and productivity, covering everything from documenting your patient encounters, following up on patient education, prescription submission and order tracking to coordinating follow-up activities.


First, one of our remote scribes prepares the chart for the encounter by ensuring all test results are available for review and charted. Medical and social history are reviewed, medications are reconciled, and allergies are entered and confirmed prior to the encounter. At the time of the encounter, using real-time HIPAA-secure video conferencing technology, the scribe records all data in EMR Note in real time.


Next, the physician relates their assessment, plan of action and orders to the scribe, who records all of this information in EMR Note in real time. The scribe then prepares, sends and/or prints all prescriptions, orders and instructions for the patient at the practice printer or patient pharmacy. Patient educational content is sent to the patient along with medication instructions. Procedure, as well as E&M codes, is charted to ensure complete charge capture. The physician reviews and signs off on EMR Note, and the visit ends, EMR Note coded and complete, leaving the physician free to see their next patient.


The Value

With our certified and experienced scribes and virtual assistants, you will no longer be tasked with the systematic process of documenting each aspect of your patient encounters and follow-up activities. Our scribes are registered, certified medical professionals trained to meet your needs, paired in real-time through our secure, web-enabled platform. Our cost-efficient, virtual medical assistants enable physicians to see more patients throughout the day and focus entirely on patient care, leading to an increase in revenue and higher patient satisfaction rates.

Why You Should Select

WRS Health’s Scribe and Transcription Solutions:

Cost-efficient service allows physicians to extend capabilities and see more patients Transcription by certified, experienced registered nurses and physicians Secure, web-enabled platform to ensure your patient’s privacy Dedicated assistants assigned to your practice to become familiar with your needs Delegate repetitive, systematic tasks and free up your time